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Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 2


Title:Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 2

CD|Avex Trax|AVCD-11047|1992.06.21


01.Dance Your Ass Off/R.T.Z. Featuring MC Miker G.[3:05]★
02.Messenger Of Love/Jade 4 U[3:03]
03.Show No Shame/Cosmo Crew II[3:36]
04.Get Into My Life/Local Area Network[2:03]
05.I'm Gonna Wait No More/No Doubt[2:37]
06.I Know I Can Do It/House Corporation[2:45]
07.You Make Me Feel/Dineka[2:16]
08.A New Style Baby/Pink Stanly Ford[2:30]
09.Hardcore Is The Future/Bit By Bit[3:05]
10.Trackin' Stuff/Tech Maker[2:28]
11.Who The Fuck Is James Brown?/Traumatic Stress Featuring Mac Nac[3:26]
12.Down Town/DJ Cornelius[2:50]
13.Take Control/Lords Of Acid[3:22]
14.Bring Jesus Back/Pius[3:21]
15.Liberty & Freedom/Atomizer 2[2:45]
16.Micael Jackson Is In Heaven Now/Obscure FM[3:12]
17.Pick-Mind/Digital Sappers[3:35]
18.Who The Hell Is James Brown?!/Big Boss[3:08]
19.Birds Dance/T-Birds[3:12]
20.We Rave The City Again!!/The Dark Raver[3:35]
21.Follow Me/Metallic Phallus[2:38]
22.Set Me Free/Nothern Line[2:46]
23.Gone Away/Danaeh[2:55]
24.James Brown Is Still Alive!!/Holy Noise Featuring The Global Insert Project[4:31]



Michael Jackson Is In Heaven Now

Michael Jackson Is In Heaven Now

  • Obscure Fm
  • ダンス
  • ¥153
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