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Dance Panic Presents Dance Classics Remixes 2000/2


Title:Dance Panic Presents Dance Classics Remixes 2000/2



[CD 1]

Remix Edition
01.You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Nu-Disko Mix)/Sylvester[11:17]
02.Always There (Gomi's Lair Remix)/Side Effect[8:27]
03.Let's Go Round Again (Yasushi Kurobane From Cosmic Village Remix)/Average White Band[7:24]
04.Over And Over (Malawi Rocks Remix)/Sylvester[7:24]
05.Work To Do (TinyVoice, Production Remix)/Average White Band[4:41]
06.Last Night A D.J. Saved My life (Malawi Rocks Remix)/Indeep[8:32]
07.You're The One For Me (Grow Sound Remix)/"D" Train[7:27]
08.Can't Give You Anything (Nu-Classic Mix)/The Stylistics[7:30]
09.Walking On Sunshine (Sunshine Piano Mix)/Bill Summers And Summers Heat[7:27]
10.For Your Love (Infusion Mix)/Idris Muhammad[7:26]


[CD 2]

Original Version Edition
01.You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)/Sylvester[6:18]
02.Always There/Side Effect[5:06]★
03.Let's Go Round Again/Average White Band[4:57]
04.Over And Over/Sylvester[7:02]
05.Work To Do/Average White Band[4:27]
06.Last Night A D.J. Saved My life/Indeep[5:40]
07.You're The One For Me/"D" Train[7:05]
08.Can't Give You Anything/The Stylistics[3:17]
09.Walking On Sunshine/Bill Summers And Summers Heat[7:22]
10.For Your Love/Idris Muhammad[6:49]



Always There

Always There

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