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Disco Discharge. Disco Boogie


Title:Disco Discharge. Disco Boogie



[CD 1]

01.Let's Go Round Again (Original 12" Mix)/Average White Band[6:28]★
02.I'd Like To (Original 12" Mix)/Feel[6:37]
03.Funky Bee Bop (Original 12" Mix)/Vin Zee[6:53]
04.Rescue Me (Original 12" Mix)/Sybil Thomas[6:38]
05.Inner Feelings (Original Album Version)/Cashmere[5:58]
06.Hard Times (Original 12" Mix)/Al McCall[5:00]
07.Love How You Feel (Original 12" Mix)/Sharon Redd[7:01]
08.Do You Like It Like That (Original 12" Mix)/Carte Blanche[5:45]
09.Switch (Original 12" Mix)/Benelux And Nancy Dee[6:25]
10.Do As I Do (Original 12" Mix)/Donna McGhee[10:22]


[CD 2]

01.Georgy Porgy (Special Disco Mix)/Toto Featuring Cheryl Lynn[5:08]
02.You Make It Heaven (Original 12" Mix)/Terri Wells[5:26]
03.Autumn Leaves (Original 12" Mix)/Illusion Orchestra[4:27]
04.Night Cruiser (Original 12" Mix)/Deodato[6:16]
05.Call Me (Original 12" Mix)/Skyy[6:21]
06.You Can't Run From Love (Original 12" Club Mix)/Maxine Singleton[6:42]
07.Give It To Me (If You Don't Mind) (Original 12" Mix)/Conquest[6:54]
08.Keep On (Francois Kevorkian 12" Remix)/D Train[9:28]
09.Straight Ahead (Original 12" Mix)/Nick Straker Band[6:43]
10.Baby Talk (Special 12" Remix By Shep Pettibone)/Alisha[6:47]



Let’s Go Round Again (12

Let’s Go Round Again (12" Version)

  • アヴェレイジ・ホワイト・バンド
  • ポップ
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes