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That's Eurobeat Almanac 1986-1991「ザッツ・ユーロビート年鑑」Disc 4


Title:That's Eurobeat Almanac 1986-1991「ザッツ・ユーロビート年鑑」Disc 4

CD|Alfa International|ALCB-380|1991.11.21


01.Rock & Roll/Malcolm J. Hill[3:54]
02.Why Baby Why/Radiorama[3:42]
03.Brown/Mister Black[3:23]
04.Russian/Mark Farina[3:05]
05.New York City/Oscar[3:24]
06.Call Me/Gipsy & Queen[3:20]
07.Radio/Chip Chip[3:12]
08.Roppongi Suicide/Asia Gang[4:02]
09.The Power Of My Love/Alphatown[3:19]
10.Hot Girl/F.C.F.[3:22]
11.I'm Not A Freak/Michael Fortunati[3:41]
12.Rock Me Babe/Santa Claus & D.Jingle Bells[3:03]
13.Girl Like Me/Luv'[3:04]
14.Rock Of Love/Mark Farina[3:12]
15.Sex Success/Baby Baby[3:55]
16.Energy/Gipsy & Queen[2:36]
17.Kommando/Doctor Groove[3:18]
18.Big Match/F.C.F.[3:36]
19.Kamikaze/Mister Black[4:05]
20.Almanac Mega-Mix Pt. 4/Various[9:35]★



Why Baby Why

Why Baby Why

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Almanac Mega-Mix Pt. 4収録!