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アーティスト:Mel & Kim


アーティスト:Mel & Kim


That's The Way It Is



The Best Of


F.L.M. (Deluxe Edition)

That's The Way It Is - The Best Of



The Singles Box Set



F L M (12" Version)[7:56]>80s 12" Party

Respectable[4:55]>Dancemania Classics

Respectable[3:21]>Disco Fine 2 -PWL Hits And Super Euro Trax-

Respectable[3:21]>Disco Party! 2

Respectable[3:21]>The Hit Factory - Pete Waterman's Greatest Hits

F.L.M.[3:32]>The Hit Factory - The Best Of Stock Aitken Waterman

That's The Way It Is[3:27]>The Hit Factory - The Best Of Stock Aitken Waterman Vol. 2

Respectable[3:21]>The Hit Factory Ultimate Collection

Respectable[5:25]>I Love Disco Volumen 3

Respectable (Club Mix)[5:55]>London Retro - The Best Of Stock Aitken Waterman

Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) (Freehold Mix)[4:38]>The Original 80s Remix Box Set

Respectable (Club Mix)[6:12]>Original Hits - 80s 12"

Respectable[3:22]>Pete Waterman Presents The Hit Factory

Respectable[3:19]>Stock Aitken Waterman Gold

The Mel & Kim 1990 Megamix[7:10]>The Ultimate Megamix

Respectable[5:35]>ユーロディスコ Hits コンプリートベスト


Non-Stop Mix

Respectable[3:05]>Around 40 Eurobeat

Respectable[3:31]>Dance Paradise PWL Perfect Hits

Respectable[2:37]>Dancemania Super Classics 1

Respectable[2:21]>Dancemania Super Classics Best

Respectable[1:21]>Disco Mega Party!



That's The Way It Is他>The Best Of Stock Aitken Waterman - A Ton Of Hits - The Hit Factory Vol. 4

That's The Way It IsMax Mix 6

Showing OutMax Mix Collection



Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)[4:11]他>Greatest Hits Of The 80's