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Disco Discharge. Disco Exotica


Title:Disco Discharge. Disco Exotica



[CD 1]

01.Dancin' Machine (Original Album Version)/Who's Who[5:51]
02.Madman's Discotheque (Parts 1 & 2)/The Chaplin Band[6:32]
03.Lay Your Love On The Line (Original 12" Mix)/Pussyfoot[8:31]
04.In A Gadda Da Vida / Garden Of Eden (Original Album Version)/Disco Circus[7:14]
05.Substitute (Original 12" Mix)/Liquid Gold[6:27]
06.Born To Be Alive (Original 12" Mix)/Patrick Hernandez[6:05]★
07.The House Of The Rising Sun (Original Album Version)/Hot RS[14:41]
08.Extraterrestrial Lover (Instrumental 12" Mix)/Sylvia Love[7:00]
09.Dirty Talk (European Connection)/Klein & MBO[8:25]
10.You Gotta Problem (Original Album Version)/Toni Basil[4:36]


[CD 2]

01.Dancin' The Night Away (Original 12" Mix)/Voggue[7:26]
02.Hurricane (Original Album Version)/Bette Midler[7:31]
03.Don't Say Goodnight To A Lady Of Spain (Original 7" Mix)/Jeanette[4:23]
04.Dance To Dance (Original 12" Mix)/Gino Soccio[7:11]
05.Soft Emotion (Original Album Version)/Azoto[5:37]
06.I'll Be Standing Beside You (Original Album Version)/Passengers[7:53]
07.Swiss Kiss (Original 12" Mix)/Patrick Juvet[7:12]
08.My Cherie Amour (Original 12" Mix)/Boney M[8:58]
09.Il Veliero (Original 12" Mix)/The Chaplin Band[12:00]
10.Sentimentally It's You (Original 12" Mix)/Theo Vaness[7:20]



Born to Be Alive (Extended Version)

Born to Be Alive (Extended Version)

  • Patrick Hernandez
  • ディスコ
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes