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Disco Discharge. Pink Pounders

Title:Disco Discharge. Pink Pounders



[CD 1]

01.Lift Off (Original Album Version)/Patrick Cowley[8:18]
02.Hot Leather (Original 12" Mix)/Passengers[10:34]
03.Yes With My Body (Original Album Version)/Les Models[6:19]
04.Danger (Original 12" Mix)/The Flirts[6:13]
05.Boys Will Be Boys (Original 12" Mix)/The Duncan Sisters[7:13]
06.Party (Original 12" Vocal Mix)/Julius Brown[6:15]
07.I've Got The Music In Me (Original 12" Energy Mix)/Yvonne Kay[7:32]
08.He's Number One (Original Extended 12" Mix)/Fantasy[6:42]★
09.I Need A Lover Tonight (Original 12" Dance Mix)/Caren Cole[5:08]
10.When The Rain Begins To Fall (Original 12" Mix)/Jermain Jackson & Pia Zadora[6:08]


[CD 2]

01.Leave That Body Alone (Original 12" Mix)/Poussez[5:33]
02.The Ultimate Warlord (12" RMX)/The Immortals[6:18]
03.Shake It Up (Original 12" Mix)/Divine[5:51]
04.My Forbidden Lover (Original 12" Mix)/Tapps[7:32]
05.If You Love Somebody (The Munich Mix)/Barbara Doust[6:45]
06.I Don't Want To Lose You (Original Album Version)/Lime[5:59]
07.Girls It Ain't Easy (Original 12" Mix)/Peggi Blu[6:47]
08.Back To You (Original 12" Mix)/Crystal In The Pink[5:44]
09.Black Jack (Original 12" Mix)/Tom Cat[5:25]
10.Only You (Original 12" Extended Mix)/Virgin[5:55]
11.From New York To LA (Original Album Version)/Patsy Gallant[4:52]



He's Number One

He's Number One

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