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小林克也のSuper Dance Beats 1 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You / Close Your Eyes


Title:小林克也のSuper Dance Beats 1 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You / Close Your Eyes



01.Can't Take My Eyes Off You「君の瞳に恋してる」/Boys Town Gang[3:46]
02.Do Ya Wanna Funk/Sylvester[3:33]
03.Unexpected Lovers「思いがけない恋」/Lime[4:22]
04. Close Your Eyes「瞳にファンタジー」/Queen Samantha[4:44]
05.I Cry For You/Shy Rose[4:28]
06.Magic Eyes/The Eastern Gang[4:24]★
07.Fantastic Voyage/Lakeside[6:08]
08.No Parking (On The Dance Floor)/Midnight Star[4:30]
09.A Night To Remember/Shalamar[5:06]
10.And The Beat Goes On/The Whispers[3:25]
11.Let's Go Round Again/Average White Band[4:56]
12.You're The One For Me/D Train[4:09]
13.I Gotta Keep Dancin'/Carrie Lucas[5:49]
14.Touch My Heart/Danuta[3:09]
15.Shake My Day/Green Olives[6:53]
16.Happy Days/Coo Coo[3:57]
17.Bang Bang/Lilac[2:26]



Magic Eyes (2020 Remaster)

Magic Eyes (2020 Remaster)

  • provided courtesy of iTunes


Magic Eyes/The Eastern Gang収録!



13.I Gotta Keep Dancin'→Let's Keep Dancing/Carrie Lucas