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Dancemania Diamond - Millennium Hits Collection


Title:Dancemania Diamond - Millennium Hits Collection

CD×2|Intercode Japan|TOCP-64100/1|2000.11.01


[CD 1]


01.Together Again (Tony Moran Radio)/Janet Jackson[5:46]
02.New York City Boy/Pet Shop Boys[4:15]
03.Spice Up Your Life/Spice Girls[2:38]
04.I Believe In Miracles (The Lisa Marie Experience Mix)/Hi-Rise[2:15]
05.That's The Way (Scorccio Mix)/X-Treme[2:33]
06.Jump/Bus Stop[3:05]
08.Power Of A Woman/Eternal[3:37]
09.(I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You/UB40[2:55]
10.Deeper And Deeper/Cagnet Featuring Anna[2:31]
11.Love Somebody For Life/Maxi Priest Featuring Yuji Oda[3:05]
12.Right Now/Atomic Kitten[3:10]
13.Dancing Queen (Millennium Mix)/Abbacadabra[2:50]
14.Barbie Girl/Aqua[2:40]
16.Dub-I-Dub/Me & My[2:46]
17.Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)/Scatman John[3:01]
18.Blue (Original Ice Pop Mix)/Eiffel65[3:27]
19.Everybody's Free (DJ Soma Grow Sound Remix)/Rozalla[2:27]
20.Eyes On Me Featured In Final Fantasy VIII (Almighty Mix)/Faye Wong[3:55]
21.I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Definitive Mix)/Dejavu Feat. Tasmin[3:53]
22.What's Up 2000 (Instinctive Mix)/DJ Miko[3:44]
23.Do It All Night/E-Rotic[2:46]
24.Together And Forever/Captain Jack[2:46]
25.Rock Beat/Loud Force[3:53]


[CD 2]


01.Go West (Mings Gone West: 1st & 2nd Movement)/Pet Shop Boys[5:02]
02.On The Top Of The World/Diva Surprise Feat. Georgia Jones[2:41]
03.Wonderland (UKS Mix)/X-Treme[2:39]
04.Stomp To My Beat/JS16[2:28]
06.Night In Motion (K-Groove Mix)/Cubic 22[2:22]★
07.Na-Na/Bus Stop[2:46]
08.No Limit (RM Remix)/2 Unlimited[2:48]
09.Summertime (D.J. Jazzy Jeff Mix)/Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince[2:49]
10.Summer Bunnies (Summer Bunnies Contest Remix)/R. Kelly[2:36]
11.Stayin' Alive/N-Trance[3:31]
12.Wannabe/Spice Girls[2:45]
13.Party (DJ Yes Team Remix)/Ex-It[2:30]
14.Get It On/Funky Diamonds[2:55]
15.Cotton Eye Joe/Rednex[3:09]
16.Samba De Janeiro/Bellini[2:54]
17.Let The Joy Rise (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix)/Abigail[4:23]
18.Sweetest Day Of May (Greed's Euphorik Vocal Mix)/Joe T. Vannelli Project[3:16]
19.Inspiration (Kaleidoscopic Backdrop Mix)/Strike[2:58]
20.Can't Take My Eyes Off You (70's Remix)/Bea Box[3:48]
21.Dabbi Doo/Ni-Ni[3:04]
24.Hiho/Captain Jack[2:46]
25.Willy Use A Billy ...Boy/E-Rotic[3:19]



New York City Boy

New York City Boy

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ダンスマニア ダイヤモンド

ダンスマニア ダイヤモンド