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Dancemania Delux 3


Title:Dancemania Delux 3

CD×2|Intercode Japan|TOCP-64020/1|1999.05.12


[CD 1]

02.Oh Nick Please Not So Quick「ジラせてNOT SO QUICK」/E-Rotic[3:21]
03.Jump (Radio Edit)/Bus Stop[3:51]
04.Dream A Dream (Asia Radio Edit)/Captain Jack[3:39]
05.I Believe In Miracles (The Lisa Marie Experience Radio Edit)/Hi-Rise[3:24]
06.What's Up 2000 (Radio Edit)/DJ Miko[3:36]★
07.Stop (Morales Remix Edit)/Spice Girls[4:00]
08.So Many Men/Me & My[3:58]
09.Have You Never Been Mellow (KCP Remix)「そよ風の誘惑」/The Olivia Project[4:32]
11.More Than A Woman (Radio Edit)/911[3:12]
12.She Wants You (7" Disco Mix)/Billie[3:27]
13.My Fire (UKS Radio Edit)/X-Treme[4:13]
14.Stomp To My Beat (Radio Edit)/JS-16[3:55]
15.Love Dot Com (Radio Edit)/Jampack[3:16]
16.Love (Radio Mix)/Sonic Dream[3:30]
17.Bam Bam Bam (X-Man Radio Mix)/Bambee[3:09]
18.Let's Get Down (Scorccio Radio Mix)/JT Playaz[3:38]
19.Ruffneck (Radio Edit)/Freestylers Featuring Navigator[4:08]
20.Keep On Dancin' (Let's Go) (Radio Edit)/Perpetual Motion[3:22]


[CD 2]

Nonstop Megamix
01.More Than A Woman/911[4:31]
02.Have You Never Been Mellow (KCP Remix)「そよ風の誘惑」/The Olivia Project[4:03]
04.Stop/Spice Girls[3:27]
05.She Wants You (The Almighty Mix)/Billie[3:21]
06.Love (Extended Mix)/Sonic Dream[3:25]
07.So Many Men (Pasta People Protein Mix)/Me & My[3:07]
08.Let's Get Down (Scorccio Mix)/JT Playaz[3:52]
09.I Believe In Miracles (The Lisa Marie Experience Mix)/Hi-Rise[3:34]
10.Ruffneck (Radio Edit)/Freestylers Featuring Navigator[3:14]
11.Love Dot Com (Stonebridge Mix)/Jampack[4:18]
12.My Fire (UKS Remix)/X-Treme[4:38]
13.Jump (Euro Mix)/Bus Stop[3:20]
14.Stomp To My Beat/JS-16[2:57]
15.Keep On Dancin' (Let's Go) (Vocal Pressure Mix)/Perpetual Motion[2:58]
16.Hero (Joy Worx Hi Octane Club Mix)/Papaya[3:50]
17.What's Up 2000 (The Instinctive Mix)/DJ Miko[3:58]
18.Dream A Dream (Asia Mix)/Captain Jack[3:33]
19.Bam Bam Bam (Mindblowers Mix)/Bambee[3:45]
20.Oh Nick Please Not So Quick「ジラせてNOT SO QUICK」/E-Rotic[3:01]



WHAT'S UP 2000

WHAT'S UP 2000

  • Dj Miko
  • エレクトロニック
  • ¥153
  • provided courtesy of iTunes