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Hyper Techno [Mission Ozon] Friday Hyper Rave


Title:Hyper Techno [Mission Ozon] Friday Hyper Rave

CD|Avex Trax|AVCD-17086|2002.04.03


01.James Brown Is Dead (Hyper Techno Mission Remix)/L.A. Style[2:53]
02.Balloony (3D Remix)/L.A. Style[1:47]
03.Going 2 Dance (Starr Gazer Mix)/trf[2:26]
04.Touch The Energy/Energizer[1:51]
05.Gonna Be Alright/2nd Funk-Tion[2:34]
06.T-E-C-H-N-O/Basic Elements[3:00]
07.Tekno Shok/Harseniko[2:00]
08.Contact/Nuvo Riche[2:14]
09.The Music Is Movin'/Fargetta[2:28]
10.Bottom Line/Jap Bstard[2:36]
11.God Of Abraham/MNO[2:19]
12.Are U Wake Up?/Starr Gazer[2:48]
13.Tokyo Go!/John Robinson[3:07]
15.Into You/D'z Feat. Kam[2:30]
16.F.A.Y. (ISD Remix)/Metal Minded Maniacs[2:29]
17.Bandido (ISD Remix)/DJ Zorro[2:12]★
18.Take It To The Top/Channel X[3:19]
19.Beats Go (B4 Za Beat Mix)/Bass Expanders[2:12]
20.Hardcore Paradise/DJ Spark Feat. XLR[3:00]
21.Utter (K-B Nagoya Mix)/King Dale[3:05]
22.Show No Mercy/Black Metal Feat. Lady Lust[2:52]
23.Holding On 4 U/Clocck[2:52]
24.XXX Is Dead/L.A. Style[2:49]
25.Be-Noid/DJ Spark[2:20]
26.Bionic Sword/Dela One[3:00]
27.On Fire (New Generation Mix)/Pavesi Sound Feat. Charlie Jay[2:22]
28.Hyper Rave!/Dela Two Feat. Ozon[3:14]