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曲名:I Cry For You/Shy Rose

曲名:I Cry For You/Shy Rose


I Cry For You[6:53]他>You Are My Desire



I Cry For You[4:27]>'80s Eurobeat Greatest Hits

I Cry For You[4:26]>Best Disco 80's

I Cry For You (Club Mix)[7:07]>Best Disco Vol. 1

I Cry For You (U.S. Remix)[5:32]>Best Disco Vol. 2

I Cry For You[6:55]>The Best Eurobeat Hitz Ever!

I Cry For You[4:28]>Disco Fine 2 -PWL Hits And Super Euro Trax-

I Cry For You (U.S. Remix)[5:31]>Disco Fine Best -Extended PWL And Euro Hits-

I Cry For You[4:28]>Eurobeat Super Collection

I Cry For You[3:28]>Instrumental Disco Typhoon


Non-Stop Mix

I Cry For You[1:56]>Dance Panic! '80s

I Cry For You[4:07]>Dance Paradise Vol. 2 Non-Stop Euro Special

I Cry For You[5:06]>Dance Super Hits '80s Vol. 4

I Cry For You[3:36]>Non-Stop Best Disco 80's

I Cry For You[5:08]>Non-Stop Best Disco Vol. 1

I Cry For You[6:09]>Tokyo Dance Scene [Ginza-Akasaka-Roppongi]

I Cry For You[5:00]>Tokyo Dance Scene [Shinjuku]



I Cry For You[4:28]>Disco Hits Best Collection

I Cry For You[4:28]>小林克也のSuper Dance Beats



I Cry For You

I Cry For You

  • Shy Rose
  • ダンス
  • ¥204
  • provided courtesy of iTunes