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The Look Of Love (Part 1)[3:30]>70's & 80's Dance <Green>

The Look Of Love (USA Remix Dub Version)[7:38]>80's 12inch Special

Poison Arrow (Jazz Remix)[6:55]>Back To The 80's - The Long Versions 2

The Look Of Love[3:30]>Band Aid Special

The Look Of Love (Part 1)[3:28]>Celebration - Super Disco Hits

The Look Of Love[7:41]>Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 1

The Night You Murdered Love[8:16]>Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 4

Look Of Love[3:29]>Disco Fever Best

The Look Of Love (Part 1)[3:29]>Disco R35 - For Disco King & Queen

The Look Of Love (USA Remix - Dub Version)[7:38]>Kol 12" Dance Versions Hits Of 80's <Red>

When Smokey Sings (The Miami Mix)[7:06]>Phil Harding Club Mixes Of The 80s

The Look Of Love (USA Remix Dub Version)[7:39]>Play 12 Inch Versions 80's


Non-Stop Mix

The Look Of Love[2:23]>Dance Panic! Millennium Euro Edition

Look Of Love (Part. 1)[2:24]>Disco Fever Super Non-Stop



The Look Of Love[3:31]>Mega Hits 80's 1978-1989 The Very Best Of Pop Singles

The Look Of Love (Part 1)[3:31]>小林克也のSuper Dance Beats

The Look Of Love (Part One)[3:29]>The Super Dance Classics 1974-1988