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2√231(Extended Mix)[6:49]>Are You Ready For This!

I Need To Tell Everybody (Techno Club "B" Edit)[3:59]>House Revolution Vol. 48

Deep (Radio Mix)[3:47]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 53

I Want Your Love (Mars Plastic "M" Edit)[3:56]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 63

Bring Me Down (Mars Plastic Mix Radio Edit)[3:31]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 65

I Need A Hero (Batu-Spanish Radio Edit)[3:44]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 69

Everyday (Techno 2 Mix)[4:55]>That's Club Trax 1992

Movin' To The Beat (P.M. Progressive Mix)[5:18]>That's Club Trax 1993

2√231 (Extended Mix)[6:48]>That's Club Trax Media House Collection Vol. 1

Everyday (Plus Staples Mix)[6:37]>That's Club Trax Media House Collection Vol. 2

Everyday (Plus Staples Mix)[6:39]>That's Club Trax Techno Kingdom

Movin' To The Beat (Mars Plastic)[6:00]>That's Club Trax Techno Kingdom World Techno War 2

Everyday (Extended Mix)[6:38]>That's Club Trax Volume 10


Non-Stop Mix

Move Your Body[2:59]>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 9 - 3rd Anniversary

2√231[3:40]>That's Club Trax Non-Stop Mix Vol. 4

Everyday[3:48]>That's Club Trax Non-Stop Mix Vol. 5

Movin' To The Beat[6:49]>That's Club Trax Non-Stop Mix Volume 6

2√231[3:52]>That's Club Trax Non-Stop Mix Volume 7

Express Your Mind[2:41]>Velfarre Vol. 2 - The Future Is Ours

I Need To Tell Everybody[2:06]>Velfarre Vol. 6 - Definition Of Dance



2231[3:36]>The Biggest Ever Dance Hits Volume One

2√231[3:19]>Juliana's Tokyo Legend