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Album (他のアーティスト)

Call Me/Euroteam Feat. Annalise[5:47]>'70s Dance Meets '90s Beat/Euroteam

Crazy For You/Go Go Girls Featuring Virginelle & Annalise[6:27]>Hot Love & Emotion 「ホット・ラヴ」/Virginelle



We Come Together (F.M. Version)/SOS Feat. Annalise[3:53]>House Revolution Vol. 43

Summertime[3:41]>J Euro Collection Vol. 3

Summertime (Extended Mix)[6:58]>Maharaja Night Hi-NRG Revolution Vol. 5

Bad Love[6:39]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 16

Bad Love (Frontline-Maharaja Mix)[6:18]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 17

Give Me Love (Extended Mix)[5:50]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 21

Taste Of Love (Extended Mix)[5:43]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 26

Fun Fun Boy (Extended Fun Mix)/Go Go Girls Featuring Annalise & Virginelle[5:49]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 27

Bad Bad Boom (Euroboom Mix)[4:56]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 37

O.K.! All Right! (Extended Mix)[6:01]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 39

New Love (Extended NewLove Mix)[6:09]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 45

Coo Coo Love (Extended Mix)[6:20]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 49


Non-Stop Mix

Bad Love[3:53]>All Nippon!! Super Disco Battle「全国縦断!!スーパー・ディスコ・バトル」

Crazy For You/Go Go Girls Featuring Annalise & Virginelle[3:44]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1992

Summertime[4:59]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1993

New Love[2:10]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1994

Bad Love (Front Line-Maharaja Mix)[4:57]>Maharaja Night Vol. 2

Taste Of Love[2:01]>Maharaja Night Vol. 6

Make Love[1:56]>Maharaja Night Vol. 8

O.K.! All Right![2:41]>Maharaja Night Vol. 9

Taste Of Love[2:28]>Maharaja Night Vol. 10 - Anniversary Edition

New Love[2:18]>Maharaja Night Vol. 12

Bad Love[2:23]>Maharaja Night Vol. Final