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アーティスト:B.B.C. (Boombastic Beat Corporation)

アーティスト:B.B.C. (Boombastic Beat Corporation)


Stump To The Boomin Beat (Rap Version)[3:48]>Super Club Groovin Vol. 9

Stump To The Boomin Beat[3:48]>Techno House Revolution III

Welcome To The Gates Of Hell[3:39]>Techno House Revolution V

Let The Rhythm Drop[3:18]>Techno House Revolution VII


Non-Stop Mix

Stump To The Boomin' Beat[3:24]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1992

Welcome To The Gates Of Hell[2:55]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1993

Let The Rhythm Drop[2:36]>The Best Of Maharaja Night 1994

Stump To The Boomong Beat[3:20]>Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 3

Welcome To The Gates Of Hell[2:59]>Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 5

Let The Rhythm Drop[3:07]>Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 8

Welcome To The GatesOf Hell[1:51]>House Revolution Vol. 20 ~Anniversary Nonstop Edition~

Stump To The Boomin Beat[3:18]>Hyper Techno [Mission 1 One]

Stump To The Boomin Beat[3:03]>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 3 - Rave NRG For The Future

Welcome To The Gates Of Hell[1:26]>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 6 - This Is The "Real" Juliana's Tokyo

Stump To The Boomin Beat[3:09]>Maharaja Night Vol. 4

Welcome To The Gates Of Hell[3:17]>Maharaja Night Vol. 8

Stump To The Booming Beat[1:40]>Maharaja Night Vol. 10 - Anniversary Edition

Stump To The Boomin Beat[1:50]>Super Club Groovin Vol. 10



Stump To The Boomin BeatSuper Dance Freak Vol. 68 ~Nonstop Hyper Mega-Mix~



Welcome To The Gates Of Hell[3:26]>Juliana's Tokyo Legend