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Dance Music Chronicle Volume 6 - Private Eyes

Title:Dance Music Chronicle  Volume 6 - Private Eyes

CD|RCA / Arista / BMG|AKCK-30026|2001


01.Private Eyes/Daryl Hall & John Oates[3:29]
02.Never Gonna Give You Up/Rick Astley[3:34]
03.Toy Boy/Sinitta[3:28]
04.Together Forever/Rick Astley[3:27]
05.Maneater/Daryl Hall & John Oates[4:34]
06.It's Time To Party Now/Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio[4:58]★
07.Disco Nights/GQ[3:57]
08.Funkin' For JamaicaTom Browne[4:44]
09.Rock The Boat/The Hues Corporation[3:20]
10.Sunny/Boney M[3:44]
11.Yes Sir, I Can Boogie/Baccara[4:34]
12.Rasputin/Boney M[5:29]
13.Shame/Evelyn King[2:58]
14.He's So Shy/Pointer Sisters[3:38]
15.Point Of No Return/Expose[3:31]
16.I'm So Excited/Pointer Sisters[4:54]
17.Face To Face - Heart To Heart/The Twins[4:43]
18.I Like Chopin/Gazebo[4:08]



Private Eyes

Private Eyes

  • ダリル・ホール&ジョン・オーツ
  • ポップ
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes


It's Time To Party Now/Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio収録!