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Dance Music Chronicle Volume 7 - That's The Way

Title:Dance Music Chronicle  Volume 7 - That's The Way



01.That's The Way (I Like It)/K.C. & The Sunshine Band[3:06]
02.Rock Your Baby/George McCrae[3:20]
03.It Only Takes A Minute/Tavares[3:56]
04.Boogie Oogie Oogie/A Taste Of Honey[4:05]
05.Get Off/Foxy[3:32]
06.On The Beat/The B.B. & Q. Band[5:55]
07.Call Me/Blondie[3:28]
08.Too Shy/Kajagoogoo[3:35]
09.Modern Girl/Sheena Easton[3:37]
10.Turn It Into Love/Hazel Dean[3:36]
11.U Can't Touch This/M.C. Hammer[4:17]
12.19/Paul Hardcastle[3:39]
13.Boogie Fever/Sylvers[3:28]
14.It's Same Old Song/K.C. & The Sunshine Band[4:26]
15.Is There Something I Should Know/Duran Duran[4:09]
16.Tarzan Boy/Baltimora[3:45]★
17.(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty/K.C. & The Sunshine Band[3:07]
18.Do It Good/A Taste Of Honey[5:36]
19.Keep It Comin' Love/K.C. & The Sunshine Band[3:53]



That's the Way (I Like It) [2004 Remaster]

That's the Way (I Like It) [2004 Remaster]

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Tarzan Boy/Baltimora収録!