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Disco Super Hits Collection 3 - Dirty Ol' Man / Boogie Wonderland

Title:Disco Super Hits Collection 3 - Dirty Ol' Man / Boogie Wonderland

CD|Sony Music EntertainmentVFD-8373|1996


01.Dirty Ol' Man「荒野のならず者」/The Three Degrees[4:38]
02.Boogie Wonderland/Earth, Wind & Fire[4:53]
03.TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)「ソウル・トレインのテーマ」/MFSB[3:45]
04.Gotta Pull Myself Together「恋のハッピー・デート」/The Nolans[2:46]
05.Back Stabbers「裏切り者のテーマ」/The O'Jays[3:10]
06.Wanted/The Dooleys[3:30]
07.Fantasy「宇宙のファンタジー」/Earth, Wind & Fire[3:49]
08.I'm In The Mood For Dancing「ダンシング・シスター」/The Nolans[3:12]★
09.When Will I See You Again「天使のささやき」/The Three Degrees[3:02]
10.Play That Funky Music/Wild Cherry[3:14]
11.Sexy Music/The Nolans[3:41]
12.Lady Marmalade/Labelle[3:59]
13.Best Of My Love/The Emotions[3:43]
14.Disco Lady/Johnnie Taylor[4:31]
15.Do It Any Way You Wanna「ディスコ天国」/People's Choice[3:20]
16.Love Train/The O'Jays[3:02]
17.Dance To The Music/Sly Stone[3:01]
18.I Just Can't Say Goodbye「涙のディスコティック」/Philly Devotions[3:11]



I'm In the Mood for Dancing

I'm In the Mood for Dancing

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