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Disco Super Hits Collection 5 - That's The Way (I Like It) / Heart Of Glass

Title:Disco Super Hits Collection 5 - That's The Way (I Like It) / Heart Of Glass

CD|Capitol Records|VFD-8375|1996


01.That's The Way (I Like It)/K.C. & The Sunshine Band[3:08]
02.Get Down Tonight/K.C. & The Sunshine Band[3:14]
03.Straight From Your Heart「ディスコ一直線」/Tavares[4:28]
04.Boogie Oogie Oogie「今夜はブギ・ウギ・ウギ」/A Taste Of Honey[4:04]
05.It Only Takes A Minute「愛のディスコティック」/Tavares[3:58]★
06.Sukiyaki「スキヤキ(上を向いて歩こう)」/A Taste Of Honey[3:44]
07.(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty/K.C. & The Sunshine Band[3:09]
08.I'm Your Boogie Man/K.C. & The Sunshine Band[4:05]
09.Lovin' You/Minnie Riperton[3:26]
10.Where Is Someone To Love Me「ダンシング・アメリカン」/Cheryl Ladd[5:00]
11.Mr. Melody/Natalie Cole[3:09]
12.Hot Line「二人のホット・ライン」/Sylvers[3:04]
13.Heart Of Glass/Blondie[3:59]
14.Get Off/Foxy[3:35]
15.Disco Dancin'「悪魔のディスコ・ダンス」/A Taste Of Honey[3:30]
16.Keep It Comin' Love「愛はノン・ストップ」/K.C. & The Sunshine Band[3:54]
17.Rockin' Chair/Gwen McCrae[3:20]





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