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Disco Super Hits Collection 6 - Y.M.C.A. / Hot Stuff

Title:Disco Super Hits Collection 6 - Y.M.C.A. / Hot Stuff



01.Y.M.C.A./Village People[4:51]
02.In The Navy/Village People[3:47]
03.Hot Stuff/Donna Summer[2:58]
04.Love To Love You Baby「愛の誘惑」/Donna Summer[3:25]
05.Funky Stuff/Kool & The Gang[3:10]
06.San Francisco (You've Got Me)/Village People[5:22]
07.Jungle Boogie/Kool & The Gang[3:06]
08.Skin Tight/Ohio Players[7:58]
09.Fire/Ohio Players[4:24]
10.Walking in The Rain (With The One I Love)「恋の雨音」/Barry White With Love Unlimited[4:28]
11.Bad Girls/Donna Summer[3:08]
12.Love's Theme「愛のテーマ」/Barry Whie With The Love Unlimited Orchestra[4:10]
13.Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe「あふれる愛を」/Barry Whie[4:05]
14.Dim All The Light/Donna Summer[4:12]
15.Ladie's Night/Kool & The Gang[3:26]
16.I'm On Fire「恋は火の鳥」/5000 Volts[2:45]★
17.Go West/Village People[6:37]
18.Merry Jane On My Mind/The Platters[4:16]



I'm On Fire

I'm On Fire

  • 5000ボルト
  • ポップ
  • ¥255
  • provided courtesy of iTunes


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