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Italo Eurobeat Collection Vol. 1

Title:Italo Eurobeat Collection Vol. 1

CD×2|ZYX Music|ZYX 82970-2|2019|Import


[CD 1]

01.Aliens 2 (The Nightmare) (Alieno Mix)/Radiorama[6:41]
02.Love (Mixmaster Remix)/Gipsy And Queen[6:32]★
03.Love In Moscow (Extended Version)/Mr. Zivago[5:16]
04.Midnight Dancer (Extended Version)/Atrium[7:46]
05.Take A Chance (Full Power DJ Mix)/Malcolm J Hill[6:28]
06.Set Me Free, Set Me Free (M. And S. Remix)/Max Coo Steve Coo[6:20]
07.Fire On The Moon (1991 Version)/F.C.F.[8:29]
08.Don't Say Goodbye (Venice Mix)/Moltcarina[5:36]
09.How Many Times (The Only Club Mix)/Santa Clause & D.'Jingle Bells[6:43]
10.Loving You Forever/Mc. Brian[6:02]
11.Power Of magic (High Energy Beat Mix)/Alphatown[6:05]
12.Big Town (Th Best Mix)/Mark Farina[6:00]


[CD 2]

01.Good-bye (Extended Version)/Savage[6:39]
02.Electric Man (500 Volt Mix)/Le Ferrari[5:46]
03.Upside Down/Coo Coo[7:55]
04.One Step To Heaven (Garage Mix)/Miko Mission[5:08]
05.Mary Ann (That's the lovely Mix)/Ken Laszlo[5:43]
06.Dance Together (X.L. Edit)/Mr. Black[7:22]
07.Dance The Night Away (L.A. Mix)/Boys Boys Boys[6:13]
08.Never Fall In Love Again (Eva Mix)/Mistery[6:14]
09.Hey Dee Jay (D.J.P. Mix)/Chris[5:56]
10.I Wanna Stop (Paris Mix)/Superlove[5:26]
11.Naughty Boy (Long Mix)/Macho Gang[5:34]
12.Young People (Extended Version)/Ursula[7:07]



Love In Moscow

Love In Moscow

  • Mr. Zivago
  • ダンス
  • ¥153
  • provided courtesy of iTunes