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Disco Discharge. Cruising The Beats


Title:Disco Discharge. Cruising The Beats



[CD 1]

01.Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Original 12" Mix)/Boys Town Gang[9:35]
02.Vertigo / Relight My Fire (Original 12" Mix)/Dan Hartman[9:38]
03.Golden Eldorado (Original Album Version)/Voyage[4:56]
04.Palace Palace (Original 12" Mix)/Who's Who[5:40]
05.Dance (Original 12" Mix)/Night Force[6:42]
06.Dancing Is Dangerous (Original 12" Mix)/Noel[9:14]
07.What A Way To Go (Original 12" Mix)/Lifeforce[4:51]
08.Maybe This Time (Original 12" Mix)/Norma Lewis[6:48]
09.Sound Of My Heart (Slightly Baroque) (Original 12" Mix)/Sleeping Lions[6:30]
10.The Two Of Us (Disconet Extended Remix)/Claudja Barry & Ronnie Joes[8:30]


[CD 2]

01.Anything Like You (Original 12" Euro Mix)/Janet D'Eon[5:53]
02.Satellites (Original 12" Mix)/Ellie Warren[8:41]
03.I Believe In Dreams (Original 12" Mix)/Jackie Rawe[7:21]★
04.This Girl's Back In Town (Original 12" Mix)/Raquel Welch[6:46]
05.Take A Chance (On Me) (Original 12" Mix)/Waterfront Home[5:39]★
06.Midnight Lover (Original 12" Mix)/People Like Us[7:34]
07.Suspicious Minds (Original 12" Mix)/Bobby O[6:29]
08.Mama Told Me (Original 12" Mix)/Fantastique[5:37]
09.Manhattan Shuffle (Original 12" Mix)/Area Code[6:12]
10.Can We Try Again (Original 12" Mix)/Technique[5:10]
11.The "Gay Paris" / French Pillow Talk (Original Album Medley)/Patrick Juvet[11:18]