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アーティスト:Earth, Wind & Fire


アーティスト:Earth, Wind & Fire




Thinking Of You



Boogie Wonderland (Stretch & Vern Remix)

Boogie Wonderland 2K

Remix 2000

Remix 2000 Vol. II

September 99 (Phats & Small Remix)

Sunday Morning



All 'N All「太陽神」

The Best Of Earth Wind & Fire Vol. I

The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire Vol. II

Big Hits & Remixes

Dance Tracks

Dance Trax


I Am「黙示録」

Premium Best


Soul Source Earth, Wind & Fire Undergroove Collection

That's The Way Of The World「暗黒への挑戦」

Touch The World

The Very Best

The Very Best Of

The Very Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire


Boogie Wonderland/Earth, Wind & Fire With The Emotions[4:49] > Best Of My Love: The Best Of The Emotions/The Emotions



Ultimate Collection「創世神話」



Fantasy[3:49]>70's Disco Hits

System Of Survival (Extended Version)[7:35]>80s x 12" Collection

Fantasy[4:40]>80's Groove Anthems

Let's Groove[3:33]>Blame It On The Boogie

Fantasy[4:38]>Celebration - Super Disco Hits

Reasons (Live Version) (Original Full Length Album Version)[8:26]>Classic Mellow Mastercuts Volume 3

Boogie Wonderland[4:55]>Club Columbia Volume 1

Let's Groove[5:29]>Club Epic Volume 3

Boogie Wonderland[4:49]>Dance Classics Gold

Fantasy[4:38]>Disco Around 50 - Hello Mr. Monkey~Step「ディスコアラフィフ」

Let's Groove[5:36]>Disco Around 50 - Let's Groove~Surfer「ディスコアラフィフ」

Fantasy[4:37]>Disco Fever Best

Getaway[3:47]>Disco Mania - Super Dance Classics

Let's Groove[5:32]>The Disco - The Best Of Dance Classics

September ('99 Phat & Small Radio Mix)[3:42]>Everybody Dance Now! Remixed, Remodeled & Remade

Let's Groove[5:35]>I Love Disco Volumen 2

Boogie Wonderland (12" Version)[8:17]>Must Have Maxis Vol. 10

Let's Groove[5:37]>Night Fever - 80's Surfer Disco

Let's Groove[5:34]>Old School Volume 3

Fantasy[4:05]>The Originals!

September[3:35]>Play That Funky Music -Disco Classics-

Megamix[5:40]>Volle Pulle Der Mega Mega Mix


Non-Stop Mix

Let's Groove[3:42]>Music Bar @ Marunouchi Tokyo



Side By Side[5:59]>Dance Trax 80's-90's

Let's Groove[5:40]>Mega Hits 80's 1978-1989 The Very Best Of Pop Singles

Let's Groove[5:40]>小林克也のSuper Dance Beats

Fantasy[4:41]他>The Super Dance Classics 1974-1988