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アーティスト:Kool & The Gang


アーティスト:Kool & The Gang



Get Down On It



Everything's Kool & The Gang : Greatset Hits & More

Great And Remixed '91

Ladies' Night

Something Special



Ladies' Night[3:30]>70's & 80's Dance 2 Green

Celebration[3:42]>70's & 80's Dance <Green>

Get Down On It[4:57]>70's & 80's Dance <Red>

Fresh (Mark Berry Remix)[6:22]>80's 12inch Special

Get Down On It[4:47]>Blame It On The Boogie

Celebration[4:58]>Celebration - Super Disco Hits

Fresh[6:19]>Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 1

Ladies Night[6:38]>Disco Around 50 - Let's Groove~Surfer「ディスコアラフィフ」

Get Down On It[3:33]>Disco Around 50 - Super Freak~Soul & Funky「ディスコアラフィフ」

Get Down On It[6:08]>Disco Fever 12" Special

Celebration[3:40]>Disco Fever Best

Fresh (12" Remix)[5:48]>Disco Giants 2

Celebration[3:35]>Disco Mania - Super Dance Classics

Celebration[3:40]>The Disco - The Best Of Dance Classics

Celebration[3:44]>The Disco Years Volume Two - On The Beat (1987-1982)

Ladies Night[3:28]>Free Style Vol. 2 Dance & Soul nakata.net music

Get Down On It (12" Version)[6:11]>Funk Funk - The Best Of Funk Essential 2

Ooh La La La (Let's Go Dancing)[6:39]>Funky Disco 3

Fresh[4:42]>Funky Disco Volume 1

Funky Stuff[3:04]>Funky Stuff: The Best Of Funk Essentials

Summer Madness[4:19]他>Groove Street - Steppin' Enough

Celebration[3:40]>Jump Dance Classics

Fresh[4:25]>Jump Dance Classics Volume II

Get Down On It (12" Mix)[6:09]>Love Funk - 12 Classic Funk Hits

Jungle Boogie[3:07]>Magnum Opus 3

Holiday (12" Club Remix)[6:26]>Maxi Power Best From Miami

Misled (Remix)[5:37]>Movie Klub80

Celebration[3:40]>Night Fever - 80's Surfer Disco

Celebration[3:42]>No. 1 Disco Hits

Funky Stuff[3:05]>No. 1 Funk Hits

Too Hot [5:09]>No. 1 Soul Hits

Jungle Boogie[3:02]>Old School Jams 7

Get Down On It[4:56]>Old School Jams - The History Lesson

Hollywood Swingin'[4:32]>Old School Volume 3

Get Down On It (Oliver Momm Mix)[6:34]>On The Beat - The Golden Remixes Vol. 1

Celebration[3:34]>Play That Funky Music -Disco Classics-

Ladies Night[3:25]>Rhythm Divine

Celebration[3:04]>Rhythm Divine 2

Funky Stuff[3:05]他>Shake Your Pants - Back In The Day Vol. 1

Joanna[3:59] 他 > Shake Your Pants - Back In The Day Vol. 2

Holiday (12" Club Remix)[6:32]>Super Maxi - 12 International Dance Hits

The Megamix[9:07]>Volle Pulle Der Mega Mega Mix


Non-Stop Mix

Celebration[3:18]>Dance Fever Classics

Celebration[2:50]>Dance Panic! Millennium Club Edition

Ladies Night/7T Feat. Kool & The Gang, J.T. And Takia[3:14]>Dancemania 3

Celebration[2:14]>Disco Fever Super Non-Stop

Celebration[3:28]>Music Bar @ Marunouchi Tokyo



Fresh[3:34]>Dance Trax 80's-90's

Straight Ahead (12" Version)[4:51]>Maxi Singles 80

Celebration (Champagne Remix)[5:30]>Maxi Singles 80 Volume 2

Calebration[3:43]>Mega Hits 80's 1978-1989 The Very Best Of Pop Singles

Joanna[4:00]>小林克也のSuper Dance Beats

Celebration[4:58]>The Super Dance Classics 1974-1988