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アーティスト:Kurtis Blow

アーティスト:Kurtis Blow


The Breaks '94



The Best Of Kurtis Blow

Best Of....Rappin'

Kurtis Blow



The Breaks[4:31]>70's & 80's Dance <Green>

The Breaks[4:29]]>Celebration - Super Disco Hits

Rappin'[8:11]>Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 1

I'm Chillin'[6:19]>Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 3

The Breaks[4:29]>Disco Around 50 - Super Freak~Soul & Funky「ディスコアラフィフ」

The Breaks[4:30]>Free Style Vol. 2 Dance & Soul nakata.net music

The Breaks[7:51]>Funk Funk - The Best Of Funk Essential 2

If I Ruled The World[6:21]>Krush Groove

The Breaks[4:28]>Night Fever - 80's Surfer Disco

The Breaks[7:45]>Old School Jams - The History Lesson

The Breaks [6:30]>Old School Rap Volume 1

Basketball[3:53] > Old School Rap Volume 2

Rappin' Blow (Part 2)[4:42]>Shake Your Pants - Back In The Day Vol. 1

The Breaks[4:32]>Shake Your Pants - Back In The Day Vol. 2

The Breaks[6:30]>Street Jams: Hip-Hop From The Top Part 1

8 Million Stories[7:56]>Street Jams: Hip-Hop From The Top Part 2


Non-Stop Mix

The Breaks[3:06]>Dance Panic! Millennium Club Edition

The Breaks[2:12]>Music Bar @ Marunouchi Tokyo



The BeaksMax Mix 6



The Breaks[7:46]>小林克也のSuper Dance Beats

The Breaks[7:43]>The Super Dance Classics 1974-1988