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アーティスト:John Robinson


アーティスト:John Robinson



Jealousy '96

To Be Free

Tokyo, Go!



From Juliana's Tokyo

Planet Rave



Gotta Be There (Cappella Edit)[4:23]>House Revolution Vol. 43

Tokyo, Go! (Hands In The Air Mix)[4:12]>House Revolution Vol. 44

Everybody's Loving (Plus Staples Radio)[4:27]>House Revolution Vol. 45

Can I Kick It? (7" Master)[3:32]>House Revolution Vol. 47

Be My Baby! (TV Mix)[4:04]>House Revolution Vol. 48

Can U Feel It? ('97 Pumped Up Mix)[5:16]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 52

Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Main Mix)[3:50]他>Super Dance Freak Vol. 60 - Anniversary Hyper Beat

Baila Baila[4:38]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 62

To Be Free/Featuring Jade 4 U[4:54]>Techno House Revolution IV

To Be Free/Featuring Jade 4U[4:27]>Techno House Revolution - John Robinson Remix

Jealousy[3:31]>Techno House Revolution V

I Gotta Move[3:27]>Techno House Revolution VI

Tokyo, Go![3:48]>Techno House Revolution VII

Don't Close Your Mind/Maximizor & John Robinson[4:00]>Techno House Revolution VIII

Tokyo, Go![4:35]>That's Disco Presents Juliana's Tokyo 90's Techno

I Want Your Lovin' (Album Mix Edit)[4:35]>Very Best Of Happy Handbag


Non-Stop Mix

Baila Baila[2:44]>CD Groove XXX - Nonstop Megamix Avex Edition

Don't Close Your Mind/Maximizor & John Robinson[2:09]>Countdown Groove!

To Be Free/Feat. Praga Khan & Jade 4 U[2:04]>Disco 90's

To Be Free/Featuring Jade 4 U[3:10]>Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 4

I Gotta Move[3:07]>Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 6

Tokyo, Go![2:53]>Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 7

Keep On[2:43]>Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 9

Everybody[1:47]>House Revolution Vol. 40 Anniversary Non-Stop Mix

Tokyo, Go![4:18]>Hyper Techno Mission [0 Zero]

Tokyo Go![3:07]>Hyper Techno [Mission Ozon] Friday Hyper Rave

Damnation[3:49]>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 2 - Balearic Beats Party

To Be Free/Feat. Praga Khan And Jade 4 U[3:43]>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 4 - Trance Rave Party

Jealousy[4:36]>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 5 - 2nd Anniversary Edition

To Be Free (Remix)/Feat. Jade 4 U[2:03]>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 6 - This Is The "Real" Juliana's Tokyo

I Gotta Move[3:46]>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 7 - Rave Evolution

Jealousy (L.A. Style Remix)[3:25]他>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 8 - Rave Generation

Don't Close Your Mind/Maximizor + John Robinson[3:23]>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 10 - Cyber Sonic Synergy

Tokyo, Go![2:47]>Maria Club 10th Anniversary Hyper Non-Stop Mix

Can I Kick It?[1:54]他>Super Dance Freak Vol. 56 Nonstop Countdown Special

Tokyo, Go![2:31]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 70 ~Anniversary~

Jealousy[2:23]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 80 ~Anniversary Millenium Party~

Keep On[1:35]>Velfarre Vol. 1 - Welcome To The Future

Everybody[3:42]>Velfarre Vol. 2 - The Future Is Ours

Give It To Me[2:45]>Velfarre Vol. 3 - The Future Is Now

Aptiva - Jungle Latina[2:37]>Velfarre Vol. 4 - Evolution Of Dance

Everybody's Loving[2:38]>Velfarre Vol. 5 - Dance To Infinity

Be My Baby![2:16]>Velfarre Vol. 6 - Definition Of Dance

Can U Feel It?[2:46]>Velfarre Vol. 7 - One Step Into The Future

Are U Ready 4 Me?[2:28]>Velfarre Vol. 8 - Neo Dance Culture

To Be Free/Feat. Praga Khan And Jade 4 U[2:36]>恋のお立ち台 "Hyper Disco Mix"


Megamix の一部

Can I Kick It?Super Dance Freak Vol. 50 Special Anniversary Party

I Gotta MoveSuper Dance Freak Vol. 68 ~Nonstop Hyper Mega-Mix~



Tokyo, Go![4:22]>Juliana's Tokyo Legend

Can I Kick It?[2:45]他>Velfarre Complete Best 1994-2006