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Dancemania Delux 4


Title:Dancemania Delux 4

CD×2|Intercode Japan|TOCP-64061/2|2000.05.10


[CD 1]

01.Gimme Gimme Gimme/E-Rotic [4:01]
02.Eyes On Me Featured In Final Fantasy VIII (Almighty Mix Edit)/Faye Wong [4:00]
03.New York City Boy (Almighty Definitive Mix)/Pet Shop Boys [6:31]
04.Dam Dariram/Joga [3:15]
05.Kick The Can/Bus Stop [3:28]
06.In The Navy '99 (XXL Disaster Remix)/Captain Jack [3:29]
07.Boys/Smile.dk [3:05]
08.Bumble Bee/Bambee [3:17]
09.Pink Dinosaur/Papaya [3:10]
10.If You Were Here/Jennifer [3:38]
11.Wonderland (UKS Radio Edit)/X-Treme [3:47]
12.Right Now/Atomic Kitten [3:30]
13.Dancing Queen (Millennium Radio Edit)/Abbacadabra [3:42]
14.Celebrate/DJ Bobo [3:42]
15.Sky High/DJ Miko [3:10]
16.Say You'll Be Mine/QFX [3:34]
17.If The Rain Falls/Right On Time [3:47]
18.In My Dreams (U.K. Mix)/Rebecca [3:35]
19.Boom Boom Dollar (K.O.G G3 Mix)「恋のブン・ブン・ダラー」/King Kong & D.Jungle Girls [2:35] ★
20.Bodyrock/Moby [3:36]
21.Don't Stop/Freestylers [4:19]


[CD 2]

Nonstop Megamix
01.Eyes On Me Featured In Final Fantasy VIII (Almighty Mix Edit)/Faye Wong [4:29]
02.Sky High/DJ Miko [3:21]
03.Pink Dinosaur/Papaya [2:39]
04.Bumble Bee/Bambee [2:55]
05.Celebrate/DJ Bobo [3:19]
06.In My Dreams (U.K. Mix)/Rebecca [3:07]
07.In The Navy '99 (XXL Disaster Remix)/Captain Jack [2:40]
08.New York City Boy (Almighty Definitive MixRadio Edit)/Pet Shop Boys [4:04]
09.Dancing Queen (Millennium Mix)/Abbacadabra [3:09]
10.Wonderland (UKS Mix)/X-Treme [3:01]
11.Bodyrock (Olav Basoski's Da Hot Funk Da Freak Funk Remix)/Moby [2:28]
12.Don't Stop (12" Club Mix)/Freestylers [3:05]
13.Right Now (Dance☆Man Remix With The Banndman)/Atomic Kitten [3:03]
14.Kick The Can/Bus Stop [3:17]
15.Dam Dariram/Joga [2:56]
16.Gimme Gimme Gimme/E-Rotic [2:50]
17.Boys (Y&Co. Mix)/mile.dk [3:17]
18.If The Rain Falls (Red Monster Hyper Mix)/Right On Time [2:54]
19.Say You'll Be Mine (Happy Hardcore Mix)/QFX [3:12]
20.If You Were Here (B4 Za Beat Mix)/Jennifer [2:47]
21.Boom Boom Dollar (K.O.G G3 Extended Mix)「恋のブン・ブン・ダラー」/King Kong & D.Jungle Girls [3:37]



New York City Boy

New York City Boy

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