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アーティスト:Evelyn "Champagne" King

アーティスト:Evelyn "Champagne" King


Get Loose



Love Come Down[3:44]>70's & 80's Dance 2 Red

I Don't Know If It's Right[8:18]>Big 12 Inches - Groovin' You

Shame[6:33]>Big 12 Inches - More, More, More

Love Come Down[6:16]>Big 12 Inches - So Excited

Shame[6:27]>Classic Disco Mastercuts Volume 1

Love Come Down[3:39]>Disco Around 50 - Let's Groove~Surfer「ディスコアラフィフ」

Just For The Night[4:42]>Disco Giants 5

Love Come Down[3:39]>Disco Mania - Super Dance Classics

Love Come Down (12" Version)[6:11]>Extended 80s

I'm In Love[5:03]>Groove Street - Smooth Boogie Talk

I'm In Love[5:54]>Kol 12" Dance Versions Hits Of 80's <Brown>

Love Come Down (12" Version)[6:15]>Must Have Maxis Vol. 10

Shame[4:11]>Night Fever - 80's Surfer Disco

I'm In Love[4:59]>Old School Volume 3

Shame[6:30]>Rhythm Divine 2


Non-Stop Mix

Shame[2:40]>Genius Tokyo - Dance Freak Discotheque Night



Love Come Down[6:10]>The Super Dance Classics 1974-1988