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アーティスト:Evelyn Thomas

アーティスト:Evelyn Thomas


High Energy[3:52]>20 Hits Of The 80's Volume One

High Energy[7:48]>80's Disco Super Hit Vo. 2 ~Euro-Disco~

High Energy '90[6:39]>Classic Hi-NRG Volume Three

No Win Situation[9:07]>The Dance Floor -黒服は見ていた-

High Energy[7:52]>Definitive N-R-G Volume One

High Energy[4:38]>Disco Fever Hi-Energy

High Energy[7:51]>Hi-NRG Dance Classics Volume 1

Heartless[9:07]>John Morales - The M+M Mixes Volume 2

How Many Hearts[7:49]>Mighty Real The Queens' Music I

High Energy[7:12]>Over The Rainbow - Gay Classics

High Energy[6:36]>Stonewall - The Greatest Hi-N-R-G Anthems Of All Time

High Energy[7:49]>That's Disco Classic The Best

High Energy[7:51]>That's Disco Classic Vol. 2

High Energy[7:51]>That's Disco Classic Vol. 3

Once In A Lifetime[5:22]>おくり狼と踊れ 4 -制服お嬢様対応- (Dance With Okuri-Wolves 4)


Non-Stop Mix

High Energy[2:39]>Dance Panic! '80s Volume 2

High Energy[2:46]>Dance Paradise Presents Maharaja Style

High Energy[2:45]>Disco 80's

High Energy[5:41]>Hi-NRG '80s

High Energy[4:37]>Hi-NRG '80s Golden Hits Collection

High Energy[4:06]>Hi-NRG '80s ~Non-Stop Mix~ Ginza M-Carlo Edition

High Energy[4:45]>That's Disco Classic Vol. 8

High Energy[4:32]>恋のお立ち台 "Hyper Disco Mix"



High Energy (Remix 1990)[7:51]>Maxi Singles 80 Volume 2

High Energy[7:50]>The Super Dance Classics 1974-1988