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Help Me Dr. Dick

Willy Use A Billy... Boy



Willy Use A Billy... Boy[3:44]>Dancemania Delux

Turn Me On[3:47]>Dancemania Delux 2

Oh Nick Please Not So Quick[3:21]>Dancemania Delux 3

Gimme Gimme Gimme[4:01]>Dancemania Delux 4

Willy Use A Billy ...Boy[3:41]>Dancemania Diamond Complete Edition - Millennium Hits Collection

Willy Use A Billy Boy[3:41]>Dancing 90's


Non-Stop Mix

Turn Me On[3:07]>CD Groove XXX - Nonstop Megamix EMI Edition

Willy Use A Billt ...Boy[4:18]>Dancemania 1

Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex[3:23]>Dancemania 2

Help Me Dr. Dick[4:44]>Dancemania 3

Fritz Love My Tits[2:35]>Dancemania 4

Turn Me On[4:15]>Dancemania 6

The Winner Takes It All[2:43]>Dancemania 7

Gotta Get It Groovin'[3:19]>Dancemania 8

Baby Please Me[3:30]>Dancemania 9

In The Dark Of The Night[2:59]>Dancemania 10

Do It All Night[2:46]>Dancemania Diamond - Millennium Hits Collection

Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) (Y&Co. Remix)[3:50]>Hyper Techno [Best Mission]

Billy Jive (With Willy's Wife) (Y&Co. Remix)[4:33]>Hyper Techno [Mission Four]