disco x disco


アーティスト:R.T.Z. (Return To Zero)

アーティスト:R.T.Z. (Return To Zero)


Dance Your Ass Off



In The Name Of Love (Original Version)/R.T.Z. (Return To Zero) Featuring Mistri[5:33]>Maharaja Night House Revolution Vol. 7

Dance Your Ass Off (Original Mix)/R.T.Z. Feat. Miker G.[6:38]>Super Club Groovin Vol. 5

Turn Me Around (Guitar Mix)/R.T.Z. Featuring Sarah[6:32]>Super Club Groovin Vol. 12

Dance Your Ass Off (Hyper Techno Version)/R.T.Z. (Return To Zero)[4:58]>Super Dance Freak Vol. 84

Dance Your Ass Off[3:29]>Techno House Revolution

In The Name Of Love/R.T.Z. Featuring Mistri[3:48]>Techno House Revolution VI


Non-Stop Mix

Dance Your Ass Off[2:39]>All Nippon!! Super Disco Battle「全国縦断!!スーパー・ディスコ・バトル」

Dance Your Ass Off[2:09]>Around 40 Techno

Dance Your Ass Off/R.T.Z. Featuring MC Miker G.[3:05]>Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 2

In The Name Of Love/R.T.Z. Featuring Mistri[1:52]>Exciting Hyper Night Vol. 6

Dance Your Ass Off (Hyper Techno Version)[5:13]>Hyper Techno [Mission 1 One]

Dance Your Ass Off[4:08]>Juliana's Tokyo - Techno Rave Party

In The Name Of Love[3:43]>Juliana's Tokyo Vol. 8 - Rave Generation

In The Name Of Love[3:28]>Maharaja Night Vol. 9

Dance Your Ass Off[2:22]>Maharaja Night Vol. Final

Dance Your Ass Off[1:06]>Super Club Groovin Vol. 10



Dance Your Ass OffHyper Techno [Best Mission]

Dance Your Ass OffMaharaja Night Vol. 3



Dance Your Ass Off[3:49]>Juliana's Tokyo Legend