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アーティスト:Salt 'N' Pepa

アーティスト:Salt 'N' Pepa


Let's Talk About Sex!

Push It



Hot, Cool And Vicious

Phat Remixes



Push It (Full Length Remix)[4:29]>12 Inch Disco Hits

Expression (Brixton Bass)[5:48]>12inch Disco Hits / C'mon And Get My Love - Lambada

Push It[3:29]>70's & 80's Dance 2 Green

Whattan Man/Salt 'N' Pepa With En Vogue[4:06]>The Best Rap Album In The World...Ever!

Push It[4:29]>Dance Classics Best Of Vol. 5

Spinderella's Not A Fella[4:26]>Female Rappers

Push It[4:13]>Hyperactive! - The 12" Dance Album

Push It[4:31]>Jump Dance Classics Volume II

Push It[4:30]>Old School Volume 2

Push It[3:28]>Rap To The Max

Twist And Shout[4:57]>The Remakin' Vol. 1 (Dance Edition)「ザ・リメイク VOL. 1(ダンス編)」


Non-Stop Mix

Shoop[4:10]>MTV Party To Go Platinum Mix

Let's Talk About Sex (Original Recipe Club Mix)[5:43]>MTV Party To Go Volume 2

Shoop (Ghetto Lab Full Rub Mix)[4:22]>MTV Party To Go Volume 6



Push It (U.S. Remix)[3:29]>The Super Dance Classics 1974-1988