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曲名:Ever And Ever/Venice


曲名:Ever And Ever/Venice


Ever And Ever (High "E" Version)[6:59]他>That's Eurobeat Single Collection 2



Ever & Ever[3:44]>Disco Fine 2 -PWL Hits And Super Euro Trax-

Ever And Ever[3:44]>Disco R35 - For Disco King & Queen

Ever And Ever[3:46]>Eurobeat Super Collection

Ever & Ever[3:45]>That's Disco Presents Maharaja Night

Ever & Ever[3:48]>That's Eurobeat The Complete Works III 1989

Ever And Ever (High "E" Version)[6:59]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 12


Non-Stop Mix

Ever & Ever[3:09]>Around 40 Eurobeat

Ever And Ever[5:16]>Dance Super Hits '80s Vol. 3

Ever And Ever[2:38]>Dancemania Super Classics 1

Ever & Ever[2:11]>Disco 80's

Ever & Ever[3:11]>The Best Of Disco 80's

Ever And Ever[1:49]>Disco 80's Presents Around 40

Ever And Ever[2:06]>Disco 80's Presents Maharaja Night

Ever & Ever[3:05]>Disco 80's -R30 Euro Special-

Ever & Ever[2:39]>Disco 80's Special ~The 常連~

Ever And Ever[4:04]>Maharaja Night Vol. Final

Ever And Ever[2:10]>Super Eurobeat Vol. 3

Ever & Ever[1:25]>That's Eurobeat The Non-Stop History

Ever & Ever[2:38]>恋のお立ち台 "Hyper Disco Mix"



Ever And EverSuper Eurobeat Vol. 7 - Mega Mix Edition (Part 2)

Ever And EverThat's Eurobeat Mega Nippon D.J. Mix

Ever & EverThat's Eurobeat Mixmaster D.J. Battle


M.Y.O.M. Version Specialの一部

Ever And EverThat's Eurobeat Vol. 15



Ever And Ever[3:45]>小林克也のSuper Dance Beats

Ever And Ever[3:01]>Velfarre Complete Best 1994-2006