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曲名:Get Ready/Carol Hitchcock

曲名:Get Ready/Carol Hitchcock


Get Ready (Extended PWL Remix)[7:41]>12" Classics On CD Vol. 2

Get Ready[3:32]>The Hit Factory

Get Ready (Remix)[7:40]>I Love Disco UK 80's

Get Ready (Extended Remix)[7:41]>London Retro - The Best Of Stock Aitken Waterman

Get Ready[3:32]>That's Eurobeat -The Complete Works-

Get Ready (Earth To Moonbase Mix)[8:14]>That's Eurobeat Vol. 4


Non-Stop Mix

Get Ready[3:14]>The Best Of Disco 80's

Get Ready[3:17]>Dance Panic! '80s Volume 2

Get Ready[3:17]>Dancemania Super Classics 1

Get Ready[2:23]>Disco 80's

Get Ready[3:21]>Maharaja -30th Anniversary Best- 80's Disco

Get Ready (Extended Remix)[3:14]>Music Bar @ Marunouchi Tokyo

Get Ready[3:34]>That's Eurobeat Non-Stop Mix Vol. 3

Get Ready[1:25]>That's Eurobeat The Non-Stop History


Megamix の一部

Get ReadyStock Aitken Waterman Gold

Get ReadyThe Best Of Stock Aitken Waterman - A Ton Of Hits - The Hit Factory Vol. 4



Get Ready[3:31]>That's Eurobeat Almanac 1986-1991「ザッツ・ユーロビート年鑑」



Get Ready

Get Ready

  • Carol Hitchcock
  • ポップ
  • ¥153
  • provided courtesy of iTunes